Turn your backyard into a natural hummingbird playground!

Vibrant Trumpet Flowers bloom in a rainbow of beautiful colors yellow, red or even orange!

No more borning bird houses!

Supples are limited.

In the very first year of planting the beautiful, hardy vines will climb skyward, grasping any kind of support. It will climb on its own, covering walls, arbors, and fences in no time at all.

Each blossom is so loaded with nectar that hummingbirds find irresistible and return year after year to thrill you and your family. No other flowering plant you can grow will attract hummingbirds faster than the fabulous trumpet vine!

The Amazing Hummingbird Vine is easy to grow, in any condition.

This vibrant vine, known as the campsis radican, thrives in poor soil, sun or shade. Best of all, it sprouts up as tall as a man in the first year!

Poor soil? No problem! The Amazing Hummingbird Vine loves the sun and thrives in the shade.